[HOOT] Robinhoot Pool Ethos

"Robinhoot Stakepool" aims to secure the Cardano network by running a competitive 24/7 pool on decentralized infrastructure maintained by IT professionals. Our team exists to support Cardano to become the most decentralized network. We believe in redistributing power from unaccountable structures to the margins – to individuals – and be an enabling force for positive change and progress.

Who Are We ?

I am Hootan 🦉 (Hence [HOOT]), a Persian 🇮🇷 American 🇺🇸 & based in West Hollywood. I am an IT professional with computer science background, with many years in the IT business. I am a Cardano enthusiast and Cardano Ambassador. I bring many years of experience in maintaining Linux based cloud servers.

Stakepool Configuration

"Robinhoot Stakepool" relay and producer nodes run on AWS Ubuntu t2.mediums (2 CPU, 4GiB), always online. In the near future we will be providing live monitoring.

Plans for the future ?

I believe in Cardano's future and want to be a part of it. For this reason, I plan to run this pool indefinitely. I will try my best to keep the pool performing the best it can. In the near future we will be providing live monitoring.

Why should you stake with Robinhoot Pool ?

I believe in Cardano's future and I will be dedicated in supporting the network. My dream is to be a trusted node in the network where I can validate transactions. We will earn together and strengthen the future of decentralization.

What wallet to use for staking ADA ?

Cardano.org officially recommends Daedalus & Yoroi Wallets.

How to delegate(stake) your ADA in Cardano's Yoroi to earn rewards ?

Follow the YouTube tutorial that also helped our team to setup ADA staking. Once you learn how to setup your wallet, find [HOOT] Robinhoot Stakepool by Id or Name. Begin staking with us!